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How are we staying safe during Covid19?

The game of golf has a chance to come out of this pandemic in a stronger position than many of the other sports or activities. Golf is fortunate that it can adjust and adapt with minimal effect to the basic structure of the game. Social distancing can be maintained with ease, and it is one of the only sports where you don’t share equipment or the ball. 

From a health and wellness perspective, golf provides a wonderful opportunity to be outside (Vitamin D), walking (exercise), and socializing with others (mental health) to name a few benefits. To fully take advantage of this opportunity, we need leaders in the industry that are willing to help guide new golfers into the game and help those already here. 

Just like a park ranger helps to educate families when they visit a park, a golf professional is in place to do the same for those visiting the golf course. The golf professional and his/her staff is the ideal leader to step forward right now to guide us. However, in most cases, the golf professional doesn’t have the programming and technology in place to provide a great experience for those visiting. 

Esh’s Golf Academy is following guidelines to ensure safety regarding COVID-19.  We are lucky that golf is an outdoor sport!  But here are some other things we will do:

-We believe in the mental well being of children (and parents)!  Providing a rare opportunity for kids to stay active will help keep them (and parents) in a better state of mind and body.

-We will continue keeping the kids 6 feet apart

-We will no longer do hand shakes, fist bumps or high 5’s. 

-Class sizes will remain small

-We will take breaks between stations to go wash hands and have sanitizer readily available

-The instructors and juniors will be touching only their own clubs, and not borrowing from anyone

-We ask as always that your child stay home if he/she isn’t feeling well.

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