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What's available for Junior Golfers?

Operation 36

This program gets kids out on the course and is played from the green out.  Could you learn to swim if you never got in the pool?  If your junior never plays on the course, they will never become a golfer. Most programs avoid playing all together, and rarely give a clear goal-based roadmap.

This program has a set curriculum that your coach will follow to insure the best possible experience for your child.  You would not enroll your kid in a school that didn't have a curriculum would you?  The truth is most golf programs just play games every class and don't have a plan. Classes should feel like a game, but coaches should follow a long-term curriculum.

This program involves the lastest technology!  Like any sport, golf takes time to become highly skilled.  Without a way to track development over time, your junior will feel lost, lose motivation, and interest will fade. Technology should be used to keep parents, coaches, and golfer on the same page.


Golf in Schools


In 2019 we were able to get into 5 elementary schools in Missoula and introduce the game of golf to 1,225 kids thanks to a grant.  A team of professionals provided the best possible instructional environment to teach kids golf.  The instruction was offered during the school day during their PE class.  These kids learned the tradition of integrity, courtesy, respect and sportsmanship through the game of golf.  Introducing children to this great sport creates an opportunity to reinforce these values, as well as head them down a path to participate in a sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime!



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