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Operation 36

This program gets both kids and adults out on the course and is played from the green back.  Most golfers want to get on the range and see how far they can hit the ball, but scoring actually happens by how well you chip and putt!  So staring by playing 9 holes from 25 yards is a great way for any level of golfer to hone in their short game skills.  Then as you pass to each level you move back until you are eventually playing 9 holes from the tee box.  Could you learn to swim if you never got in the pool?  If you never play on the course, then you will never become a golfer. Most programs avoid playing all together, and rarely give a clear goal-based road map.

This program has a set curriculum that your coach will follow to insure the best possible experience for you or your child.  You would not enroll your kid in a school that didn't have a curriculum would you?  The truth is most junior golf programs just play games every class and don't have a plan. Classes should feel like a game, but coaches should follow a long-term curriculum.

This program involves the latest technology!  Like any sport, golf takes time to become highly skilled.  Without a way to track development over time, you will feel lost, lose motivation, and interest will fade. Technology should be used to keep parents, coaches, and golfers on the same page.

See video below for an example of OP 36 used in Esh's Golf Academy, or visit the website below for more information.

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